Little ways to help your budget

/ Some ways I have found to help my budget or acquire products that I can’t afford is to get free samples or do reviews on products. I signed up to get free products from Perrigo by joining Perrigo store brand samples member. I have received over $200 worth of products to try and review. All the products I have received have been useful or wants like beauty products. You can fill out a form / for the opportunity to be invited to their sampling community.

Ways to get extra money with referrals when you open a Varo bank account and use my referral you could earn $30. When you spend $20 on your Varo card within thirty days of opening account Varo will give you $30.

I am so angry

A lot of things have been happening that I don’t feel good about. I’ve been feeling angry. I have been concentrating on work and doing what I can at home.

Social media is draining. Misinformation, people being mean, and unwanted opinions that creep you out. it’s not fun for me anymore.

I rarely discuss political topics. I do my own research and have my own opinions. Discussions and friendly debates can be good. Meanness, lies, and hatred I can do without.

I filled out my absentee ballot at home. I work so much that it was convenient for me.

The news. I feel news agencies have turned into gossip, here say, click baiting articles that don’t tell you shit.

Things happening in the news is breaking my heart.

I am sick of people who say one thing while doing the opposite. Consistency is not hard. I’m tired. I’m angry. I’m not feeling good. I’m not happy.

Helpful websites

Mypoints is an extra way to earn some gift cards. I use Mypoints to earn gift cards for Amazon and Dunkin. I funded Christmas for my kid last year by saving for gift cards to Amazon. I like to do the click-through emails that are sent to my email which only take a few seconds to click on. I do surveys for extra points when I am bored. There is point earning opportunities.

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