MLM’s and “small Business”

I have been recently annoyed with MLM’s on social media. It starts with a post saying hey you want to blah, blah, blah. Be on the first for this oppurtunity. *insert before and after pic* of a person that is not identifiable. Then there are multiple comments wanting to know more and the author of post replying they sent dm’s.

I saw a post like this yesterday and was curious. I asked what product they were selling. There was no company name for the product in the original post. The dm’s started. Five in a row rambling about benefits and such. I was still confused about what company this was because they never said it. Dm’s with how I can pay them using third parties, etc. I asked if there was a website to look at the product. A link was sent but the link took me to a website to sign up for a customer account. You couldn’t view anything, etc.

I had enough and blocked the person. No questions was answered and it appeared sketchy.

Those friends who plaster posts about Beachbody, Scentsy, and others. These companies are getting rich of you, not the other way around. Some do enjoy buying these products. But the constant posts trying to get friends to “support” you is lame.

My annoyance for the day.

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