Being disorganized can be costly

I am disorganized with paperwork. You receive mail, glance at it, sit it down, and it’s easily forgotten.

I was looking through paperwork and found a form that had to be faxed in today for my insurance. I filled out form and faxed it within five minutes. It would have cost me money if this wasn’t turned in on time.

I had another form that needed to be filled out. I receive a monthly payment to help with extra expenses with my son. I didn’t receive payment this month because I didn’t fill it out in time. It took two emails and two phone calls to take care of this. I will not get a payment this month but I will get a double payment next month.

Work has been slow lately and I have used credit cards to cover expenses. I have to go through all my accounts to see where I stand. I am not in a good financial place.

I’ve been meaning to read Kumiko Love “ My Money, My Way”. I have read two pages in three months. I also bought a budget book and an appointment book from Amazon in the hopes of taking control and being organized.

I am a work in progress. I need help. Am I lazy? Depressed? Unmotivated? I need to figure myself out.

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