I am so angry

A lot of things have been happening that I don’t feel good about. I’ve been feeling angry. I have been concentrating on work and doing what I can at home.

Social media is draining. Misinformation, people being mean, and unwanted opinions that creep you out. it’s not fun for me anymore.

I rarely discuss political topics. I do my own research and have my own opinions. Discussions and friendly debates can be good. Meanness, lies, and hatred I can do without.

I filled out my absentee ballot at home. I work so much that it was convenient for me.

The news. I feel news agencies have turned into gossip, here say, click baiting articles that don’t tell you shit.

Things happening in the news is breaking my heart.

I am sick of people who say one thing while doing the opposite. Consistency is not hard. I’m tired. I’m angry. I’m not feeling good. I’m not happy.

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