Little ways to help your budget

/ Some ways I have found to help my budget or acquire products that I can’t afford is to get free samples or do reviews on products. I signed up to get free products from Perrigo by joining Perrigo store brand samples member. I have received over $200 worth of products to try and review.Continue reading “Little ways to help your budget”

Ways to get extra money with referrals when you open a Varo bank account and use my referral you could earn $30. When you spend $20 on your Varo card within thirty days of opening account Varo will give you $30. We can both get $100 if you use my referral and receive a direct deposit of $200 within 45Continue reading “Ways to get extra money with referrals”

I am so angry

A lot of things have been happening that I don’t feel good about. I’ve been feeling angry. I have been concentrating on work and doing what I can at home. Social media is draining. Misinformation, people being mean, and unwanted opinions that creep you out. it’s not fun for me anymore. I rarely discuss politicalContinue reading “I am so angry”