Little ways to help your budget

/ Some ways I have found to help my budget or acquire products that I can’t afford is to get free samples or do reviews on products. I signed up to get free products from Perrigo by joining Perrigo store brand samples member. I have received over $200 worth of products to try and review.…

So windy and cold

It is 6 degrees F where I live. Cold is not bad but the 20 mph winds is horrid. I had to put window film on windows to keep drafts out. It was impossible to keep house warm at night. Hearing the furnace run during the night makes me anxious. Propane prices and having a…

Walmart grocery pickup orders

Cost of groceries that I usually purchase have started going up in price. I have been placing Walmart pickup orders in the app. I can add items as I think of meals and snacks I want while watching the order total. You can save $10 on your first three orders with code TRIPLE10, with a…


I voted by absentee ballot this year. I was able to make my choices at home and mail it in. I received an email when my ballot arrived. I am so sick of how things are going in Michigan and in our government. I hope everyone was able to get their votes in today.


Today was warm with high winds. My grandsons outside toys have been blown all over the yard. I have to wait until daylight to see damage. We lost power and I don’t have much candle left. I would go to bed but I had coffee a few hours ago. Ugh, I’m so bored.

I am so angry

A lot of things have been happening that I don’t feel good about. I’ve been feeling angry. I have been concentrating on work and doing what I can at home. Social media is draining. Misinformation, people being mean, and unwanted opinions that creep you out. it’s not fun for me anymore. I rarely discuss political…

Helpful websites

Mypoints is an extra way to earn some gift cards. I use Mypoints to earn gift cards for Amazon and Dunkin. I funded Christmas for my kid last year by saving for gift cards to Amazon. I like to do the click-through emails that are sent to my email which only take a few…

Messy life

My whole life is a mess right now. Work has been slow. My house is disorganized. Lack of income. I’m struggling to upkeep on house. I’m not in a positive place right now.


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