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Little ways to help your budget

/ Some ways I have found to help my budget or acquire products that I can’t afford is to get free samples or do reviews on products. I signed up to get free products from Perrigo by joining Perrigo store brand samples member. I have received over $200 worth of products to try and review.…

So windy and cold

It is 6 degrees F where I live. Cold is not bad but the 20 mph winds is horrid. I had to put window film on windows to keep drafts out. It was impossible to keep house warm at night. Hearing the furnace run during the night makes me anxious. Propane prices and having a…

Walmart grocery pickup orders

Cost of groceries that I usually purchase have started going up in price. I have been placing Walmart pickup orders in the app. I can add items as I think of meals and snacks I want while watching the order total. You can save $10 on your first three orders with code TRIPLE10, with a…

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